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body care

oil lotion


laurel drupe oil lotion

It is indicated as an antirheumatic, so it’s perfect for stiff muscles, dislocations, muscle strains or to complete the recovery of trauma after a plaster.


calendula oil lotion

It is emollient, shooting and calming. It deeply nourishes and hydrate the skin and it is effective against reddening due to children’s nappy.


hypericum oil lotion

It is a powerful anti-wrinkle thanks to its regenerating action, but it is also very effective for burns, insect bites and sunburn thanks to its lenitive action.


peppermint oil lotion

It has a refreshing and anti-stress action on skin. In addition, it can be drunk in

order to relieve cold congestion

or halitosis.


helichrysum oil lotion

It is particularly appropriate to fight against psoriasis, every type of herpes and skin irritation, such as contact dermatitis and skin rush.



propolis hydroalcoholic extractpoli

It is really considered a natural antibiotic. It is effective against sore throat, cough and inflammatory state of tongue and gums.



hydrolat laurel leaves

It is an optimum deodorant; it can be used as aftershaves or to contrast gums and oral cavity disturbs. It can be used also as a sebum-normalizing for skin and hair.




olive oil soap

Our handmade soap is all made with extra virgin olive oil, but there are different essences because of perfumes and properties.



peppermint ointment

It is made of oil lotion and beeswax and it mixes both properties. It protects skin from atmospheric agents and maintains it toned


hypericum ointment

It is made of oil lotion and beeswax and it mixes both properties. It favours cellular regeneration and deeply moisturize skin.


calendula ointment

It is made of oil lotion and beeswax and it mixes both properties. It can be used as feet and hands cream, deeply moisturizing them.

mother tincture


hawthorn mother tincture

It is particularly indicated for slight or moderate hypertension and for tachycardia too. It has a relaxing action and it is useful in case of anxiety or insomnia. It is ideal for menopause disturbs.


hypericum mother tincture

The blooms at the top of the plant are reach in flavonoid and they have a sedative and anti-depressing action. These substances have a strong anti-depressive and sedative action and they are obtained by dry extract or mother tincture.


mint mother tincture

For internal use, it has anti-spasmodic, analgesic and antiseptic properties; for external uses it has aromatic, refreshing, analgesic, anti-itchy and anti-inflammatory properties.


calendula mother tincture

It can be effective to regulate menstrual flux, and as painkiller too, but it is also indicated in cases of colitis, gastritis and ulcer. It is used also for breast fissures during breast-feeding.

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