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jam green tomatoes

Made from Casa dei Salici’s recipe and tomatoes, which are the last ones and will not mature. It is perfect for tart and pie. It brilliantly accompanies matured cheese, with a bit of French mustard.


jam quince

From quince we obtain three products, among them the jam that is optimum for breakfast and breaks. Because of its colour and consistence, the jelly garnishes pies and tarts, the solid quince jelly is a old snack to be eaten in pieces.


jam lagenaria pumpkin

It is an ancient and traditional Madonie jam that is used to fill typical Christmas sweets, the so called cucchie. Try it with very matured cheese, adding a bit of French mustard. The pumpkins are cultivated in our vegetable garden.


jam bitter orange

It is one of our mostly loved marmalade. From bitter oranges, that are not very tasty as fruit, we obtain a very peculiar product that is exalted thanks to ginger. Both ginger and oranges are produced in Sicily by passionate farmer.


jam blackberries

Only few days to make blackberries products. At the end of summer, we collect fully matured blackberries into the bushed that surround Casa dei Salici and in the near wood.



syrups mint

Dilute with water, it is a refreshing drink from which it is possible to obtain a water ice. It makes particular fresh milk and it can be used to season and flavour pies and creams. Made with Casa dei Salici mint.

cooked must


cooked must

It is not alcoholic and obtained from not-fermented must and flavourings, it is an ancient Madonie recipe used pure and hot to heat up children, with wine and pepper to heat up farmers or to contrast the flu.

vino aromatizzato


black cherry wine

It is a spread recipe in Italy that allows to give an intense black cherry flavour to a round wine using leaves to leave to infuse. We add honey to sweeten it. Black cherries are produced by Casa dei Salici. It is optimum for dessert or aperitif.



apple vinegar

From the great variety of local apples, we selected the ones that produce the best vinegar, that is delicate, fragrant and not pasteurized. It is very suitable for vinegar products for cooking and cosmetic.


red wine vinegar

From Madonie wines, a strong personality and intense vinegar is produced. It particularly suits to prepare bittersweets dishes.



anti-stress infusion

Ingredients: pepper mint, hypericum and fennel. Mint and fennel in grains decongest the intestine, the hypericum is the most effective and natural anti-stress. If they are combined and daily used, they are effective to contrast the emotional fatigue.


digestive infusion

Ingredients: fennel and laurel.

Two ingredients that facilitate digestion. They have a relaxing effect and facilitate sleeping.


refreshing infusion

Ingredient: pepper mint

It is indicated in case of loss of appetite and intestinal heaviness. In the Madonie it was very used in fact there is a motto “fatti na picata di menta” that means “take a mint compress” used when a person does not eat with pleasure.

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