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The house is located in a strategic point to start itineraries along dirt roads and the path of the park,

both towards to Madonie peaks or valley. Hereafter there are four itinerary examples,

even if there are many more, But we will be pleased to present them face to face,

adding details and suggestions.

Towards the mountains...


Pizzo Catarineci

Going alongside Petralia Soprana borders, the itinerary goes to Piano Catarineci, an upland plain at 1500 m.a.s.l. which offers a landscape towards Eolie Islands and towards Etna, from another slope.


››››››› medium difficulty              ››››››› 5/6 hours

›››››››about 20 km



Wather path

Overcoming towards North Petralia Soprana, it reaches the high valley of the southern Himera, Portella Mandarini. The path continues towards Sant’Otiero cliff and the ancient San Brancato bridge, having at your right-side San Salvatore Mount and Monte Alto.


››››››› medium difficulty            ››››››› 5/6 hours

››››››› about 25 km


... and along the valleys


The swan canyon

You go down following the Salso river bed on the Southern side of the Salt Mine. You will pass trough fields and Petralia’s hamlets to reach the Swan Canyon where a peculiar micro-climate allows the presence of spontaneous citrus and pistachios and where there is a spring of curative phosphorous clay for skin problems.


››››››› difficolty easy                      ››››››› 5/6 hours

››››››› about 30 km